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The company

Nethesis, founded in 2003, is a leading player on the Italian Open Source scene, focused on the development of ICT solutions appreciated for their completeness, flexibility and performances. Nethesis, today is a successful company that it responds effectively to the needs of system support for the companies and professionals. Nethesis has developed long-lasting partnerships with their customers thanks to very functional and easy-to-handle products and to the high quality of the services provided by the company such as support, training, knowledge base, FAQs and constantly updeted online tutorials.
Steady growth led Nethesis reach important numbers in a short time: a network of 200 dealers widespread all over the country and a rising number of installations that recently reached the 10.000 customers mark. Research and development, always headed to new and innovative products, led to the birth of the new NethServer ( project, which will be the basis of all Nethesis products.La nostra azienda

Our Products


NethSecurity is the UTM Firewall equipped of detailed and summarised reports about the use of the web and of an accurate profiling of the internet access according to times and contents. It allows to handle multiple connectivity (balancing and in failover), creates VPN and activates the HotSpot for the management of the guests. The firewall can be configured via Internet thanks to an easy and simple interface in the target language. NethSecurity is available as appliance ( or as installable cd on a standard hardware.


NethVoice is a voip exchange, it is open and integrated with the company informative system. Beyond the numerous telephonic functionalities that put it to the same level of the more complete pbx,  NethVoice is equipped of a CTI that allows the management of the conversations from the computer or the smartphone and the visualisation of data of the user taken from any database (unpaid, transactions, assistance...). The solution is completed by the debit report, the operator software place and the CallCenter system of management with dedicated supervisor and reporter.


NethHotSpot manages the internet access of guests in public places such as hotels, squares and malls and in private places such as companies and condominiums. The direct marketing through the dispatch of promotional texts, the personalisation of the first page and the profiling of the access make NethHotSpot the complete and flexible response to all the needs of the guest network.


NethService è la piattaforma di Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C). Integra in maniera modulare numerosi servizi: mail server, controller di dominio, file server, groupware, messaggistica istantanea, centralino voip, fax server, inventario hw/sw, ECM e gestione documentale, CRM e virtualizzazione. La sicurezza dei dati è garantita da un backup e disaster recovery con estensione su cloud e da un sistema nativo di HotSync (cluster in fail-over). Tutto ciò rende NethService una soluzione completa e sicura per l'azienda.

NethService is the Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) platform. It integrates in a modular way several services: mail server, controller domain, file server, groupware, instant messaging, exchange voip, fax server, inventory hw/sw, ECM and document management, CRM and virtualizing. The data safety is guaranteed by a backup and disaster recovery with the extension on cloud and from a native system of HotSync (cluster in fail-over). All of this makes NethService a complete and safe solution for a company.


NethMonitor is the IT Monitoring solution for monitoring networks, equipment, systems and local or remote services. Thanks to the autodiscovery and provisioning system, NethMonitor is particularly easy to configure and use: it collects detailed information, the visualisation on dashboard and it sends warnings in case of anomalies regarding the controlled systems.

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